Locker Rental Agreement

The USG reserves the right to refuse rentals.

Upon reserving your locker, you will be given an Official Locker Rental Sticker, which must be present on your padlock at all times. Padlocks with no sticker will be considered invalid and will be forcefully broken with or without any prior notice.

You are responsible for your belongings. The University Student Government and the Student Discipline and Formation Office are not liable for any loses/damages to your items inside the locker.

Lockers must always be kept clean and tidy. Storage of any object which can be spoiled is not allowed. Anyone with such objects may have their lockers forcefully opened and given a warning slip by the USG or the SDFO.

In the case of lost keys or forgotten padlock codes, you may request to have your locker forcibly opened for a fine of Php80.

People caught with unauthorized padlocks will have their lockers forcibly opened and be given a minor offense. A fine of Php200 will be needed for any items confiscated upon opening the locker.

All lockers must be emptied by grade consultation day. Failure to empty the locker on time has a fine of Php200. Once your locker has been forcibly opened due to expiration of the rental period, your ID will be marked by the SDFO. The student is responsible to update him/herself with the deadlines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can avail of the Locker Rentals service?
Undergraduate students of De La Salle University are given priority for this service.

I'm a Graduate student - can i still avail a locker?
Priority will be given to Undergraduate students. Should you need one, please contact the Locker Rentals head for assistance.

How much does the lockers cost and how long is the duration?
Lockers in Yuchengco, Gokongwei, and the small lockers in Razon 1st floor cost 70 PHP Big lockers in Razon cost 80 PHP. The Duration of the rental is up to the day of grade consultation day

I do not recall my Locker Rental Number.
Refer to the 'Retrieve Code' link found in the navigation.

I lost my sticker for my padlock. Can I get a replacement?
Yes - just go to the USG Office (SPS302) and request for a new Locker Rentals Sticker

Are we required to use a key-type lock in using lockers?
While we do recommend using key-type locks, we do not prohibit the use of combination/keypad locks.

I lost my key/forgot my combination!
Please approach the SDFO - Lost & Found

What Pokemon spies at you?
Edi, Pik-at-chu!! Ahuehuehue

My things are missing/My locker has been opened
Please approach the SDFO - Lost & Found - it is possible that we opened your locker for having no sticker. Otherwise approach them immediately to file a report of theft.

These FAQs sucks! It didn't answer any of my questions!
Contact the Locker Rentals heads Shannen Lee @ 0927 834 9448 or Steph Suntay @ 0917 521 2662


Retrieve Code

Complete this form if you have forgotten or misplaced your Locker Rental Code.

Jump to Locker Rental Form

So you need a locker?

Follow these steps to reserve your locker. Reserving a locker means that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by all the terms and condition found in the Locker Rental Terms and Agreement. Also, please refer to our FAQS for concerns.

Step 1

Complete the Basic Information portion of the locker rental form.

Step 2

Select the building and locker number of your desired locker. If you are already know the exact locker you want, you can go ahead and complete the form. If you do not know the exact locker that you want, selecting a building would reveal a list of available lockers. Clicking on any locker would automatically fill in the field for you.

Step 3

Click on submit. If the locker has been succesfully reserved, you will be given a Unique Locker Rental Code. Remember this number as you would need it later on. You will also be given a link to your contract. Please print (2) copies of the contract page as you will also need to present this.

Step 4

Approach the USG Locker Rental team on May 24 onwards from 9AM-5PM at the USG Office located in Brother Connon to confirm and pay for your locker. You will be asked for your Locker Rental Code, (2) Copies of your contract, and ID, we will then cross check it with the database, if everything is on order, you have succesfully reserved your locker!

Gokongwei Lockers Refresh List

First Floor: Agno Wall

                  First Floor: ISR Wall

                                  Third Floor: Near Staircase

                                              Yuchengco Lockers Refresh List

                                              Fourth Floor

                                                    Fifth Floor

                                                          Sixth Floor

                                                                Enrique Razon Lockers Refresh List

                                                                Big Lockers

                                                                                    Small Lockers: Right Side

                                                                                                        Small Lockers: Left Side

                                                                                                                  Locker Rental Form

                                                                                                                  Basic Information

                                                                                                                  Locker Details

                                                                                                                  Reserving a locker means that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by all the terms and condition found in the Locker Rental Terms and Agreement.